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Hey, Mr. P! Happy upcoming Thanksgiving! What have you been up to? Are you still on Myspace?

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 20, 12 2:20 pm

Wow, you 'told' them that? That's great. It's true about the CSS. I wonder why they're abandoning it. But one thing that bothers me is this: I keep hearing people who allegedly 'work' for MS tell people who've voiced opinions like yours (and mine because I agree with you) that all we can do is 'deal with it', or 'We don't have a choice'. I really don't like that way of thinking. Maybe Tom et al have a point: they seem SO sure that people will stay on and just 'deal' with whatever comes their way on MS. It's like, they don't think people can leave. I like MS a LOT but..let's face it: even Rome fell in a day.

As mush as I like it, the CSS...I have to be able to customize my page to my liking. That's why I stay on. With no flash or's just boring. I'm not on there much now. What are they doing with the 3.0? I haven't 'tried' it, only 'seen' it. I have about 10 1.0 profiles and a 2.0.. Glad I kept those. Whew! So what other site do you know of that will allow CSS and customization? Hell, if we can't find one, maybe we ought to leave MS and start our OWN! Ha Ha!

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 9, 10 7:27 pm

yeah, there used to be as much as 2-5 new layouts or 'scripts' EVERYDAY! Now its seem like this place is, like you said, dead. About myspece know? I actually tried it on my page for about a week and I even gave Myspace my feedback (by clicking on the 'feedback' button at the far left of your profile) and I told them that 3.0 is a really good concept and design but that the ONLY thing that really bothered me was the lack of use of CSS to REALLY customize it. i MEAN WTF? They only give you the option to change some colors here and there. If that's the case then people are going to leave msypace and go to facebook since they both won't let you customize their page but at least facebook is WAY more efficient than myspace. I told them that haha.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Sep 9, 10 5:48 pm

Hmmm. What do you think about the Myspace 3.0? Glad you come back to check the messages here:) That's good:] I may just start doing the same thing; just coming back to check messages.Other than that sometimes it feels like this place is dead:]

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 9, 10 2:37 am

haha. Well, I came here back when myspace only had 1.0 and 2.0 profiles which allow the use of CSS. I was really into making layouts and sharing codes back then so that's why i came here. But I'm not into it anymore so I just check my messages or comments once in a while lol.

Posted by PeRRiiN on Sep 8, 10 9:33 pm

So, may I ask (conversationally) what brought you to CB? I'm just curious. I came to learn to make layouts. They are still waiting in limbo to be reviewed. Maybe one will make it through:} Who knows? ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 6, 10 6:20 pm

haha you're very welcome =]

Posted by PeRRiiN on Sep 6, 10 5:56 pm

...for the wink AND the friendship:D

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 6, 10 2:52 am

Awww, thank you very much xoxo!

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 6, 10 2:51 am
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